My New Favorite Activewear Brand

Truth be told: a good pair of leggings, sports bra, and a tee is the extent to my fashion these days. I’m all about comfort – whether I’m just hanging out with my kiddos, have plans to leave the house, or when I’m working out.

I spend majority of my time in business casual clothes, so when I’m in leisurewear, I want to be comfortable at all times.

Whenever I’m looking for new fitness gear, I make sure they pass the squad and sweat tests. (because how inconvenient and annoying if sweat stains or underwear lines are visible?)

During my workouts, I tend to sweat like a full grown man. So when I found Vie Active, performance driven and stylish activewear, I was SUPER impressed. (In fact, I’ve been wearing my Vie Active sports bra for three days in a row now. I promise I’m not entirely gross, but it really is that comfortable.)

The Vie Active sports bras are padded, the material is soft, and they have a ton of different cute and affordable styles to choose from. The leggings fit like a glove and are lightweight for those warm, hard workouts.

Why Vie Active?

Vie Active is made for women, by women. Honestly, finding a company that supports and empowers women by making high quality clothing to fit every body shape means SO much to me. We’re all different – different shapes and sizes, living different lifestyles. We’re all looking for something a little bit different and I feel like Vie Active has something for every woman.

We want to wear clothing is comfortable, fits our shape well, and doesn’t wear quickly. We want to find companies we can trust and invest in that have versatile pieces for any workout or activity.

Not only is this activewear comfortable, but the patterns and designs are SO good!

Comfortable & Stylish Activewear

Anything from a sleek black pattern on black leggings (like mine shown below), or pastel leopard print – I don’t see many activewear companies that go all out in their designs to fits everyone’s needs. The waistband on the leggings is wide and flat so it doesn’t squeeze at the top. Vie Active leggings are also odor-resistant, anti-microbial, and quick-drying fabric.

If you’re looking for better quality activewear and pieces that are comfortable for every day wear, I love Vie Active! Check out their cute styles!

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