Learn how to grow your Pinterest and increase traffic to your blog! These Pinterest tips are the best strategies for growing your following! #pinterest #blogging #bloggingforbeginners #pinterestmarketing #bloggingtips #pinteresttips #traffic
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How I More Than Doubled Pinterest Views From 327K to 776K

Hey, hey Pinterest lovers!

Do you feel like you’re doing everything possible to see growth in your traffic and monthly views, but nothing seems to be working? Don’t fret! I’m going to give you the best beginner Pinterest tips for generating traffic and more than doubling your Pinterest views in as little as 4 months!

Before starting my blog, I often scrolled Pinterest endlessly to boards like, Dream Home, Dream Closet, Home Decor, Hair & Makeup, etc. Clearly, Pinterest was a dream-like haze for my future self. In no way, shape, or form did I think it could be used to increase traffic to my blog someday.

Learn how to grow your Pinterest and increase traffic to your blog! These Pinterest tips are the best strategies for growing your following! #pinterest #blogging #bloggingforbeginners #pinterestmarketing #bloggingtips #pinteresttips #traffic

I wrote How I Get 327K Pinterest Views Each Month back in August. It outlines how I received over 300,000 monthly Pinterest views and what tools helped me increase my Pinterest viewer rate. If you want to learn about what tools can help you achieve your Pinterest goals, head on over to that blog post!

For this post, I’m telling you what I did differently with those tools and what changes I made to my overall Pinterest plan to more than DOUBLE my monthly Pinterest views.

For bloggers, Pinterest is an incredible platform to quickly increase traffic to your blog. Since August, Pinterest continues to remain my top referral source for generating traffic to my blog. Instead of focusing on how many of my friends and family were reading my blog (OK, you know I love you guys, right? 🙂 ) I started putting more of my time and effort into growing my Pinterest. Once I began implementing a Pinterest plan, I immediately starting seeing results.

Learn how to grow your Pinterest and increase traffic to your blog! These Pinterest tips are the best strategies for growing your following! #pinterest #blogging #bloggingforbeginners #pinterestmarketing #bloggingtips #pinteresttips #traffic

It really only took a couple months of putting an HOUR of effort towards Pinterest PER WEEK. Crazy, isn’t it? Only 1 hour per week to step up my Pinterest game and generate organic traffic and unique visitors to my blog. I was shocked at how much time I was saving each week by investing that time into learning about Pinterest and putting a plan together.

There isn’t one simple trick to grow your monthly Pinterest views. Many tools helped me achieve my goal of reaching over 776K monthly views. Like I said previously, I outlined specific tools and ways in which I utilized them in my last post, How I Get 327K Pinterest Views Each Month. This time, I want to tell you how I automated my account with those tools and how I up-leveled my strategy to sky rocket my Pinterest and generate even more traffic to my website.

Learn how to grow your Pinterest and increase traffic to your blog! These Pinterest tips are the best strategies for growing your following! #pinterest #blogging #bloggingforbeginners #pinterestmarketing #bloggingtips #pinteresttips #traffic

Edit Your Profile Bio

If you haven’t already taken the opportunity to read through your profile bio and perfect it to make it as eye catching as possible, you really need to. A small change can lead to a big impact when speaking about your Pinterest profile. This is someone’s first impression when stumbling across your profile. You want to write a compelling and unique bio so people have a reason to be interested in what you have to offer – whether that be a product or service, freebie to sign up for your email list, or reading your latest blog post. It takes someone less than three seconds to decide whether they want to follow you or not. This is your first, and quite possibly last, chance to tell someone how you can help them solve a problem they may or may not know they have.

Simple Tips for Improving your Pinterest Profile Bio:

  • Use keywords related to your blog niche
  • Tell them a few details about yourself
  • Tell your audience what you can do for them
  • Help them solve a problem

Start Using Tailwind

Tailwind is an automated Pinterest and Instagram scheduler. By scheduling out your pins and posts, you’ll be able to automate your content around the time for the highest engagement. You’ll also be able to track what times work best for your content and tailor your scheduling. Bulk scheduling your pins will drastically alter your Pinterest strategy. The Tailwind Chrome Extension allows your pin scheduling to be easy and convenient. Tailwind also suggests the best times to schedule each day and customize your schedule around those times.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Add Your Pins to Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind tribes are groups of other bloggers or Pinterest bloggers in your niche. For a greater reach to your pins, you can schedule pins to other group boards. Automating your Pinterest allows you to create a schedule for your pins and allow them to be seen at popular times throughout the day.

Get a FREE month of Tailwind by clicking here!

Create Beautiful Images

Since Pinterest is a visual search engine, you’ll want to create eye catching pins. The pins should follow a similar theme on your blog and the images should be high-quality. The goal of pinning your image and linking it to your blog is to send traffic your way. I use both Canva and Picmonkey, each has unique tools that are helpful in creating beautiful Pinterest images that stop people in their scroll. Not only do you want to create beautiful images for Pinterest, but you’ll want to make multiple pin-able images available throughout your blog post. This will increases the chance that the blog post is shared or saved on Pinterest.

Blogger Photography Tip: I suggest taking photos of your own flat lay designs for Pinterest images! I could not have grown my Pinterest viewership to 776,000 if it had not been for using beautifully curated flat lay photos in my pins. In the past, I’ve had many questions about what camera I use for both my Instagram photos and Pinterest images. I use the Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital DSLR Camera. For most photos, I use the 18-55mm lens. You can get everything bundled (camera, 18-55mm lens, tripod, camera bag, UV filter kit, 48gb SD memory card) by clicking on the image below!

Join and Engage in Group Boards

Join relevant group boards to your blogging niche and be an active member in them. You can find tons of group boards at PinGroupie.com. My biggest advice on group boards is this: don’t just pin your own pins to the boards and call it a day. Repin, comment, and save pins from other bloggers. This will help immensely in sending traffic to your blog and Pinterest profile. It will help your own pins get noticed when you’re constantly engaging.

Optimize Pins with Keywords and Hashtags

Pinterest now uses hashtags to generate relevant content. When creating pin-able images for your blog post, you’ll want to insert relevant keywords and hashtags into the image ALT text. This will help rank your pin higher on Pinterest and your blog post higher in search engines.

Do you use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog and gain exposure to your blog posts? I’d love to hear what has worked for you!

You can find more essential tips on how to grow your Pinterest views in my 38-page Ebook, “The Ultimate Guide to Blogging: How to Start a Blog and Make an Income.” It outlines all things blogging, SEO tips, and… ways to grow your Pinterest to generate traffic to your blog. Throughout the ebook, you’ll have the chance to answer questions to help you get started and find the right niche for your blog.


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