Are you on your fourth day of dry shampoo? Got a load of heaping laundry that took a seat on the middle of your couch? On your third cup of coffee before 9:00am?

I have a lot of hot messes happening here, too.

And a lot of funny stuff. Because, let’s be real, without humor I’d be completely bored with life.

Your house isn’t clean? Mine isn’t either.

You feel like you don’t have it all together? Do any of us?

Your kids are screaming in the background as you read this? Mine are wiping snot on my couch.

It’s all good mama. We’re all about real life here.

About Me

Hey, I’m Erin! I have two little girls who keep me busy and husband who keeps me laughing. It’s a good mix and gives us lots of stories to share.

I share a ton, because:

1. I can’t narrow it down (or anything, for that matter), and:

2. my mind goes a million miles per hour.

So most of what you’ll find here is a little bit of home renovation, a whole lotta deal finding, all things motherhood, and a handful of inspiration along the way.

By day, I work in Marketing and blogging is my gig by night.

We’re currently renovating our Wisconsin 1980’s ranch-style home, little by little. It’s our fun, yet never-ending project. I haven’t cried over it yet, but if I could tell you how much sweat was put into this house… well, let’s just say, it’s been a lot of sweat and a lot of aches and pains, but the pictures that show progress and seeing the end result is my motivation.

Molly DuCharme Photography

Why Mama Bear Bliss?

Mama Bear Bliss was created to share parenting tips, best blogging practices, how to DIY your home, how to keep the fun alive on a tight budget, and finding some inspiration in your wild, hectic, and crazy days.

I created this community as a space to encourage, inspire and provide each and every one of us with advice, resources, and tools. Because we all deserve to be part of a tribe that strongly believes in supporting each other, while laughing through the chaos together along the way.

It’s fun, it’s crazy, but this is what keeps us laughing, and I’m glad you’re here to join it, too!

Join me on Instagram and YouTube to venture with me through the funny stuff in life.

Have a great day, friends!