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7 Tips on Balancing Blogging, a Full-Time Career & Motherhood

One question I get A LOT is this: How do you balance blogging into your life of being a mama and working full-time? How do you have time to go to work, cook, clean, blog, AND still find time to spend with your family?

It’s no secret that balancing all the folds and crevices of your life can be a difficult task, especially when you’re a mama. When I started blogging about a year and a half ago, I had no idea that I could make money while doing something I enjoyed and following my biggest dreams. When I started, all I wanted to do was share my insights and most acquired tips on motherhood, but I didn’t know the income possibilities that followed.

Blogging has become my favorite hobby and an extra source of income for my family. I skipped out on coffee dates with friends, stayed home on the weekends, and lost sleep during the week to hit my goals and learn as much as could about blogging. I knew the only way to succeed in the blogging world was to dive head first into it and give it my all – regardless of working a full-time career and balancing time spent with my little one.

The only thing wrong with my approach: I was drained. I literally had no energy left at the end of the day or when I woke up the next morning to do it all over again. My mom hustle was hard, but I needed to put a “blogging plan” in place – for my blog’s success… and my sanity.

Get More Organized

Do you already use a planner? I use/look at mine every.single.day. I write everything down. My parents laugh from time to time because I literally write every last detail in my planner, even if it’s going to their house for supper on a certain day. When it’s written down, it’s harder to forget about and you’ll spend more time completing those tasks. It’s more difficult for your busy mind to miss the loop on things and you’ll most likely feel like you have your life together (even if you really don’t). I use this planner here. I love how it has tons of space to write everything down and separates by month and by week.

In most planners, blank pages are left for your random notes and tasks at the end of every month. I use these pages to keep a running list of my weekly and monthly blogging to-do’s. I also use printable planners to keep at my desk instead of flipping through a large planning book. Together, these two things help keep me focused on my short-term and long term goals. Finding balance as a mama, blogger, and marketing professional is way easier when I stay organized and write down what I need to do for the week/month.

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Create a Blogging Plan

This is actually the fun part! If you haven’t already created a blogging plan – DO IT! Creating a blogging plan means writing down your goals and how you’re going to achieve them by taking baby steps. Not only does putting a blogging plan in place make your mission and your goals crystal clear; it sets you up for success. Planning your content and having SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely) goals in mind will result in major growth.

If I had to go back and change anything about the way I started blogging, I would have 1. started with a self-hosted WordPress blog from the get-go and 2. created a blogging plan before ever beginning to create content. It shows that you’re serious about blogging and you treat your blog like a business. My blogging plan saves me time and spend more time with my daughter!

(If you’re interested in my blogging plan template, please leave a comment on this blog post. I’ll make a FREE printable available to you!) 🙂 

Treat Your Blog Like You’re Running A Business

Like I said in my last point, you can’t treat your blog like a side hustle. I know that’s what millions of people call it, but behind-the-scenes, you can’t actually treat it like a side hustle. If you do, you’ll get nowhere.

When I think of a side hustle, I think of putting maybe 5-8 hours per week towards something in hopes it will turn into a full-time income. I truly believe you need to put as much time as you’re able towards your business/blog. I average about 1.5-3 hours per night (helloooo late nights), which averages about 10.5-21 hours per week (depending on the week).

When you treat blogging like it’s your job (and hopefully it is someday if that’s your goal), you’ll see a significant difference in the results. You’ll always have to find that even balance when you’re a full-time working mama. The way I always think is if I can work harder now, I’ll have more time in a year or two to spend with my kiddos (and hopefully be with them all day, every day!)

Set Short-term and Long-term Goals

Setting both short-term and long-term goals is probably my biggest and most important tip in staying balanced while hustling towards your goals each and every day. Make feasible weekly to-do lists that are aligned with the time you have to put towards your blog. You can’t just sit down, start a blog, and say, “in three months I want to be making a full-time income.” It’s not going to happen. Blogging is not a “get rich quick” fix. You have to put the time and effort into it if you want to see results.

Set a Routine & Stick to It

Gone are the days where you use the excuse, “I just don’t have time…” You have to be intentional and get serious to make an income from blogging. If I can balance a full-time demanding career, being a wife and mama of almost two, AND build my blog, you can too. I know you can! When you change your mindset (and your schedule), you change your life and see opportunities that you never thought were possible.

Here’s a pretty solid peek at my schedule when I get home throughout the week and on the weekends:

  • When I first get home from work during the week, I spend time with my daughter and take care of our dog. (5-10 minutes).
  • My daughter and I play outside/color/build blocks/etc. (roughly 1-1.5 hours)
  • We cook supper and eat, then once I ensure she’s content, my husband takes over and plays with her if he isn’t already. (30-45 minutes)
  • At this point, I have done some light household chores and make sure I give my daughter attention and love. Between 7:30-8pm, we tuck our daughter into bed. After this, I get into blogging duties and tasks. I usually spent anywhere from 1.5-3 undistracted hours on blogging (depending on how I feel each given night). I try to really focus on the task at hand so that I’m using these precious hours very wisely.

The weekends work a little differently. I blog in the morning, then try to focus on my family during the day (unless we are having a lazy, relaxing day at home) and then blog late afternoon into the night again. I think most people are more productive when they can break their days up into different pieces when trying to complete tasks.

Use Your Time Wisely

This goes for most things in life, but make sure you’re not wasting your time on things that are irrelevant or unimportant. I’m a big believer in the statement, “time is money.” My time is by far more valuable than money. If you have 30 minutes before bed, delegate it towards blogging. Any “extra” time (I say this gently because none of us believe we have extra time in our days), utilize it efficiently by completing blogging tasks. If you’d like my personal perspective on time, read “So, You Say You Don’t Have Time.”

Stay Up Late OR Wake Up Early

I know seeing this is daunting as a full-time working mama. You already feel like you’re milking yourself dry and you’re losing enough sleep as it is. I’ve found more of a balance in my busy working mama life by either staying up a little bit later or waking up just a tad earlier than usual. The house is generally quiet and I can mentally focus.

Finding balance when you have yourself dipped into so many baskets can seem like a far fetched goal. With persistence and hard work, you will reach your goals and find balance along the way.

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