About Us

With over 10 years experience cleaning in Central Alberta and British Columbia I am pleased to be back in my home town to offer an affordable quality cleaning service that is confidential, reliable and secure. I began S.O. CLEAN HOME SERVICES in the Spring of 2011 to fill a need for a Client focused service offering forced dry steam cleaning and 100 % natural non-commercial chemical and scent free cleaning options. We are incorporated in Ontario providing assurance that our services are licenced and insured. All supplies and equipment are provided and transported with a company vehicle so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Call or e-mail for a no charge estimate and I will be happy to tailor a program just for you.   “Raise the Bar and Come Home to a S.O. Clean...

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Our Cleaning Method

As individuals, we try to make life style choices to reduce our impact on our environment. We at S.O. CLEAN HOME are dedicated to doing just that for concerned clients. Environmentally Friendly While there continues to be the use of commercial chemical products in the business of cleaning, the move is strong towards changing to ‘environmentally designed’ solutions. Marketed as ‘efficient’ and ‘safe’, most contain chemical stabilizers to make them economically viable with artificial scents to mask the stabilizing compounds. Just as we read the ingredients on packaged food we consume we need to do the same for liquids, powders and pastes we use on our home surfaces.   Steam Cleaning Our residential cleaning service uses forced dry steam cleaning where building materials permit. The temperature reached is above 100 degrees c or 200 degrees f in 30 seconds. The temperature needed to kill bacteria such as salmomella, botulism and listeria is 68 degrees c or 155 degrees f. While killing bacteria and germs found in every home forced dry steam cleaning leaves the areas chemical , residue and...

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Tailored Services

Every client is unique . 100% client satisfaction is the only end result . All requests for particular materials barring those risking safety and health will be provided. Copy of company standards and client contract provided for regularily booked clients Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly appointments No charge / no hassle estimates Open house presentation Renovation clean up New construction clean Seasonal and periodic: Spring & early fall: windows  & baseboards Ovens, fridges & freezers Major furniture (shift to clean)   Move boxes you’ve sorted / help you sort Clean out & organize kitchen cupboards you can’t get to Put away /bring out seasonal furniture Decorating for high holidays (indoors only) Want your dining table set for a special...

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Kingston House Cleaning Service, But that’s not all we do!

Welcome to S.O. Clean

Cleaning homes for over 10 years provides a certain level of expertise in the field. At S.O. Clean, that’s exactly the kind of mastery we bring to every client. Our approach as well as our cleaning products have distinguished us from our compeition with our Kingston house cleaning service– while most companies employ commercial cleaners that contain a harsh array of chemicals, S.O. Clean remains focused on providing tailored solutions often containing just 6 natural ingredients!

S.O. Clean is the answer if you’re on the go or just need a little extra cleaning muscle. When time is not on your side, come home to a S.O. Clean home!

"Raise the Bar and Come Home to a S.O. Clean Home"